DuPont fabricates high quality hard surface materials for countertops, wall coverings, shower surrounds and much more. Andersen offers DuPont Corian as well as Zodiaq Quartz by DuPont. Over 100 colors are offered to make sure you find the right design for your space. DuPont has also championed the PowerUp technology. It is a small device within the countertop that wirelessly charges most android phones and tablets. A small adapter allows all apple devices to be charged on the surface as well. PowerUp is available in both Corian and Zodiaq.

It’s not your grandma’s Corian anymore! DuPont has stayed on the cutting edge, creating new Corian designs and keeping up with our ever-changing needs. New organic lines, bold patterns and trend setting colors make the new Corian a great choice for your home or business. Its non-porous structure is still one of the top rated materials for commercial uses and one of the most durable surfaces for the home.

Zodiaq by DuPont is a natural quartz product with designs that will fit perfectly into your space. Like Corian, it is also non-porous, allowing Zodiaq to be used in any environment. Quartz is the easiest of natural stones to maintain. There is no in-home sealant needed and all quartz can be cleaned simply with soap and water.